Wardrobe Evaluation

Beginning with a three-hour closet consultation depicting old and tired pieces to dispose. Effectively we will identify the most flattering and valuable pieces in your closet. Also, I will demonstrate how to re-style existing wardrobe into updated stylist ensembles, take inventory of recommended purchases that will enhance and pull your wardrobe together in a cohesive and coordinated manner. Our main goal is to complete stylized outfits that are personalized to your individuality, body type, and lifestyle. This process will allow you to make the most of your clothes and never look into your closet feeling that you have nothing to wear, ever again!

Special Event

If you have an event coming up and are clueless of what to wear, I will come and rescue you! If you’re on a budget, I can utilize your existing clothes and collaborate something new to freshen up the look. Also, I can help you shop for a new outfit to suit the occasion that will make you feel like a star!

Personal Shopping

With my shopping services you will learn how to dress specific for your body type and how to build a wardrobe with a staple pieces. Shopping can be stressful and time consuming if your at a store and trying on a room full of clothes not knowing what looks good and what doesn‘t. Personal shopping will help you select pieces before hand to make your shopping experience easier, efficient, and enjoyable. We will help you with a head to toe attire including complete accessories, shoes, and handbags. Most importantly we will work with your specified budget.

Style Analysis

Everyone has their own personal style. What’s yours? I will help you evaluate and highlight your lifestyle to establish your own personal style identity. We will discuss your influential designers, preferred stores, and determine your style and silhouette suits best for your body type.

Closet Editing

A process which consist of rearranging your entire closet in an organized and strategic manner providing you with an efficient space. All hangers are replaced and suggestions are made for additional racks, shelves, and other closet accessories to maximize your layout.