I have enjoyed working with Nini for over six years. She understands my style, helping me evolve and elevate it every time we meet. Her ability to assemble wardrobes, work ethic, passion for the industry, and overall intuition are what make Nini the best in the business.

Sandi T

Jennifer K

Nini has an eye for fashion like no other! Her looks are so innovative yet always elegant and appropriate. She has a natural flair for knowing how to accentuate your attributes which makes you feel confident enough to own the look. More importantly, Nini always makes me feel good about myself on the inside as her positive spirit is contagious

I loved working with Nini! She has helped me evolve my style in a way thats completely my own. I feel much more confident. And she’s so fun to work with - we have a blast together and have become good friends! Thanks Nini for everything!

Shabeena M

Candace K.

I have worked with Nini on a consistent basis for both wardrobe styling and organizing my closet. There is no one better to recommend. She helped me pare down my wardrobe by putting outfits together using so many things in my closet that I wasn’t wearing and made everything look brand new and stylish! She also changed how and what I wear so that many things are much more flattering for my own figure. Nini has shopped for me, since I have little time to spare during the work week and always brings me things I love. She is an amazing and talented young woman on so many levels!

Nini is sophisticated, talented, and has a unique style. She has helped me create a transitional, comfortable, and flattering wardrobe. She is a natural at what she does and is truly passionate about her work. I feel so fortunate to have met her.

Sarah L.

Jeanne M.

Nini is a tour de force!!As an absolute lover of fashion, I would often look in my closet and feel i had nothing to wear. Enter Nini. Not only does she have an innate sense of Style but more importantly quickly asses and enhances your own sense of style. As a business owner working with major New York publications it was important for me to be fashionable without being a victim to the runway.  With a varied lifestyle, Nini gave me clear direction on what to wear on dates, for the office, traveling for business, and casual activities.Nini assessed my closet by categorizing everything and making the exact additions needed to round out my wardrobe.  With her photographic memory she can tell me by phone the exact outfit to wear fr every occasion. She saves me money with her keen editing. I can snap a picture of something I like and either say a big yes and why, or her polite turndown is “we,can do better.” I listen! She tells me what to buy for a lifetime. You know those things you will always love? And I love Nini, a priceless classic. Can’t wait to see where her style takes her (and me) next. Xo

Nini not only makes you look fantastic but she also simplifies your life.   I love shopping but I tend to buy too many items that I do not wear.  She makes you look more stylish with less waste!   She is incredibly creative and can take things already existing in your closet and make you see it in a fresh and modern way.

Selwyn R.

Leigh T.

Nini is an inspiration to me with both her style and her energy. She sees the world of fashion in a fresh new way and I am always in awe of her creations. While she is an absolute joy to be around, I am grateful to her for so selflessly sharing her talent, creativity and vision. She is Dallas’ best kept secret!” Leigh T.

Nini, thanks so much for completely styling me this season. I have never felt so put together. You are so talented and unique. Thank you!

Tracy C